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Swoop takes people on adventures to the ends of the earth. Patagonia, Antarctica and the Arctic are all remote, wild and awe-inspiring in their own unique way. We have the knowledge, relationships and experience to create a trip worthy of these destinations, that also matches our customers’ dreams, budget and appetite for adventure.

We’re a passionate, dedicated and spirited bunch of specialists who love the outdoors. We care deeply about our destinations and want to protect them for future generations to explore, which is one reason we’re committed to a sustainable future for the travel industry. Read on to find out more about our story, our approach and our sustainability plan.

About Swoop

Our Destinations

A brief history of Swoop

It's been over 15 years since Luke, our founder and managing director, first visited Patagonia. He quickly fell in love with the region, quit his day job and launched the first online guidebook to Patagonia. Swoop, named after the Andean Condor, was born in 2010. With an ever-growing love of remote travel, we began offering adventures to Antarctica and the Arctic just a few years later. Our collection of specialist destinations was complete.

Today we help close to 3,000 customers a year discover the ends of the earth and are heading towards being the global number one for our destinations. 

About Swoop

What we stand for

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers, who often cite our three websites as the best guidebooks to the regions. As stewards for our destinations, we try to help our customers appreciate their beauty and recognise their fragility. As such, we try to:

  • Help every customer get it right: ends of the earth travel is complicated, so we ensure the basics of every adventure are right.
  • Make the most of precious time: often these are trips of a lifetime for our customers, and we know how to ensure they make the most of every moment.
  • Change perspectives: the ends of the earth are special places, they connect us to nature and give us a greater sense of self and the world. We make a holiday not just a holiday, but a perspective-changing experience. 
  • Think sustainably: travel can be carbon-intensive and detrimental to destinations. We have a responsibility, as well as the drive, to help people realise there is an environmental cost to travel.
About Swoop
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Sustainability at Swoop

If we want to keep exploring this beautiful planet, we must make our business – and the entire travel industry – more sustainable. Swoop is at the start of this journey and we know there will be challenges ahead. For now, our big goals are to reduce our impact, help our customers reduce theirs and drive change in our industry. You can find out more on our dedicated sustainability pages.

We are optimistic and determined about the future of travel, and we invite you – our customers – to join us on this journey.

About Swoop

Ends of the Earth Magazine

About Swoop

Our online magazine, named after the remoteness of our destinations, is where we and our community of customers, partners and friends share stories and opinions on all things Patagonia and polar, from wildlife and the environment to history and culture.

Sit back with articles about exploring Antarctica by WindSled, the early exploration of Tierra del Fuego, and what it’s like to be a guide in Patagonia. 

Work with us

On the surface, we’re a travel agency specialising in adventurous trips to Antarctica, Patagonia and the Arctic. Dig deeper and you’ll find a diverse team of 40-plus people who are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about their destinations, working with individual autonomy and shared purpose.

We’re a hard-working, dynamic, innovative and caring team, and we’re always on the lookout for new people to join our ranks.

About Swoop