Here at Swoop, we love the outdoors.

But we know our business makes an impact on the climate, and therefore the natural world. That’s why everyone at Swoop is committed to this sustainability journey.

For us, adventure has always been about finding our own path. The spirit of adventure has helped us succeed as a business, and we believe it’ll help us lead the way towards a sustainable future for the travel industry.

Our sustainability journey will evolve over time, but this is where it starts: by 2020 we’ll remove more emission than we create from the bookings we take. By the end of 2022, we aim to have addressed our historic emissions going back 10 years. At the same time, we will seek out a new path for our industry - setting the standard among our peers, and changing how people think, feel and behave as they travel this precious world.

Introducing Our Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy

Reducing our carbon impact

The more carbon dioxide we put in our atmosphere, the more our climate will change. We’re committed to reducing the impact of our carbon emissions (including those of our customers’) – by measuring and reducing wherever we can, and offsetting everything else.

Introducing Our Sustainability Strategy

Travelling better

Introducing Our Sustainability Strategy

The things we choose to buy, use and do have an impact on the environment. As well as reducing and offsetting carbon emissions, we’re starting by helping our customers reduce their impact in two ways – buying less new kit and avoiding single-use plastics.

Leading by example

Introducing Our Sustainability Strategy

Getting our own house in order means addressing what and how Swoop buys, how we travel and how we run our offices. As we work towards our B-Corp certification, we’ll keep reporting on our progress and aim to bring everyone who comes into contact with us on the same journey.

A word from our founder

Working together

Swoop is one small business in a large, growing, industry. To tackle the challenge of sustainable travel, we must work together. Our business has three circles of influence: our customers, partners and industry.

  • For our customers, we’ll inspire and enable positive behaviour change - such as buying less, avoiding single-use plastic and contributing to carbon offsetting.
  • We want to work with partners who share our vision of sustainability. By working together, we can agree minimum standards of partner performance, set ambitious targets, and help each other improve.
  • We’ll collaborate across the travel industry, using our insights, know-how, tools and best practice to inspire other companies to reduce their impact faster.

Introducing Our Sustainability Strategy

Backing positive change

Introducing Our Sustainability Strategy

We will support and invest in causes we believe in, particularly those that help protect precious places. To do this, we will identify and support the most impactful charities doing good work in all our destinations, while also continuing to build local partnerships that support our sustainability goals.

Generous by design

We are working to structure our business model so that as we grow, so too do the benefits to the wider world. We’ll do this by placing sustainability principles at the heart of our business, through our governance structure and Articles of Association. 

We'll be sharing more on this as we move along in our journey.

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