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Home to vast penguin colonies, krill-feasting whales and natural ice castles, a world away from life as we know it. Discover the sparkling gem of the southern ocean. 

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The Arctic

The Arctic

A land with a legendary past where polar bears roam, musk oxen clash on the tundra and narwhals roll and dive. Discover the Arctic's ice-laden landscapes and fascinating culture.

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What is a polar expedition cruise?

At its heart, an expedition cruise is an adventurous voyage that allows you to experience a remote and untamed area of the world. You jump aboard a small ice-breaking ship and head off into the wilderness, be it exploring ice-choked waterways such as the Arctic's Northwest Passage, the rugged penguin island of South Georgia, or sailing across the Drake Passage to Antarctica.

Swoop offer voyages to both the Arctic and the Antarctic, including the North Pole and crossing the Antarctic Circle. Read on and discover how to choose between these two incredible destinations, and the sort of activities you can expect to enjoy during a polar voyage.  

Polar Cruises
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What our customers think of Polar Cruises

The wildlife was more than I could have ever dreamed. The first day we were surrounded by over 20 + humpback whales breaching and feeding in Fournier bay.

Travelled: December 2019

Katie Salva - United States Of America

Getting to see so much unique wildlife up close was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, aside from the amazing landscapes.

Travelled: December 2019

Mark Jongewaard - United States Of America

I thought it was a once in a lifetime trip. But, I will definitely be going again....

Travelled: December 2019

Jodie Pigman - United States Of America

The expedition staff far surpassed all my expectations. My favourite moment though was just sitting with the penguin colonies and watching them interact with each other. Absolutely incredible experience!

Travelled: December 2019

Jill Pickett - United States Of America

The guides were amazing! Their commitment and passion was second to none and the leadership of our guide was inspirational.

Travelled: July 2019

Stewart Adams - United Kingdom

We were very lucky and saw a lot of polar bears - some of it was luck, but a lot of that was the Expedition Team's knowledge and experience.

Travelled: June 2019

Steve Liu - United States Of America

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The scenery was breathtaking, the wildlife like none in a temperate climate, and the weather was capricious, and ever-changing, every aspect providing a thoroughly unique experience. Not only did Antarctica live up to expectations, but it surpassed them easily.

Travelled: November 2018

Vincent Micelotta - United States Of America

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The landings were great because even if you weren't mountaineering or kayaking, you were able to hike and take more time to view wildlife/scenery and practice photography - we got some amazing photos!

Travelled: December 2017

Travis & Kalli Walthall - United States Of America


What will I do on an adventure cruise?

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Swoop says

Choosing between Antarctica and the Arctic is tough! There's so much magic in both places, you have to decide which you feel most drawn to the most...